Wednesday, October 7, 2009

motor GP

Kevin Schwantz, 500cc world champ in 1993. When Superbike Planet recently interviewed him, Schwantz said, ‘I think it's a pretty general consensus across the board amongst the riders that electronics are making it very difficult to find the opportunity to pass somebody. Everybody gets on the gas at about the same time, the electronics all work just about the same. I think the racing would be better without electronics.



My opinion is, electronics have really made the average guy be able to go out and go fast, and everybody qualifies really, really well, and I think that we're paying too much attention to that. Seeing everybody, all 20 bikes, within less than a second or a second and a half in qualifying, hasn't made the racing any better. We need to go back to letting these guys really ride these things, and wrestle these things around.’

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