Thursday, October 8, 2009


The BMW K1200GT is a sport-touring motorcycle made by BMW. The second generation K1200GT, introduced in 2006, uses essentially the same inline-4 engine as the BMW K1200S sportbike, which held the world speed record in 2005 for its class at 173.57 mph (279.33 km/h),[1] and the K1200R. The new model is lighter and more powerful than the first generation K1200GT, which was introduced in 2003.[2]

Standard features include adjustable seat, handlebars, integral ABS, panniers and electronically adjustable screen. Available options include: electronic suspension adjustment (ESA), xenon light, on board computer including oil level warning, automatic stability control (ASC), heated seat, heated hand grips, tire pressure monitoring (TPM), cruise control and anti-theft alarm

In late 2008, the K1200GT was replaced by the larger displacement K1300GT, which featured a 136 cc larger engine producing 175 bhp (130 kW) and 103 lb·ft (140 N·m) of torque.[3] The new bike also features improved optional ESA-II electronic suspension adjustment, a conventional single indicator switch and concealed crash bars.

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