Saturday, September 26, 2009

2007 DUCATI SS800

Year: 2004
Engine: Fuel Injected 800 cc V twin
Purchased: Dec 2006
Status: Have it
Mileage logged: 300
Extras: Remus carbon fibre pipes
Comments: My latest baby :) I bought this bike in Immaculate condition with 4100 miles on it. I love the riding positition of this bike, pretty confortable for a sports bike. Not much power, all tourque.


India's Bajaj Auto sets sights on Italy's Ducati, UK's Triumph - report
MUMBAI (Thomson Financial) - Indian two-wheeler major Bajaj Auto Ltd is looking for a big-ticket acquisition in the European motorcycle market to increase its product line-up of high-end bikes, according to industry sources.

The company is targeting two cult bike companies, Italy-based Ducati Motor Holding SpA and Triumph Motorcycles Ltd of the UK, local business daily The Economic Times reported.

450 Moto - A new era for sports bikes

COULD this be a new direction for bike racing in the UK? Gavin Trippe, a racing promoter in the 1970s hopes so.

Four concept bikes have been built in the USA, based on 450cc motocross machines, using GP250 dynamics to make them track ready. The bikes have been designed and created by ex-AMA 250GP champion turned custom bike builder, Roland Sands.

Chrysler Tomahawk

Chrysler Tomahawk for me is the ‘Big Daddy’ of all motorcycles. You ask me a reason and I have one many; for a V10 engine, which makes it capable of producing 500 horses powers it, is the foremost of them all. With a capacity of 8.3 liters and a ten-cylinder engine, it can literally fly at 400 mph. Hats off to Daimler Chrysler for making this bike reach the production floor !

Peraves Monotracer Concept

The Peraves Monotracer combines the features of a sports bike and a sports car and if any of you doubt it, just as a substantiation, it took Peraves some 90 prototypes and 12 million kilometers to be sure that they live up to the rumored repute . When the driver dives into a corner a retractable stabilizer wheel is positioned in less than a half a second, enabling the bike to lean up to 52 degrees more, than most sport bikes in their lifetime.


Nicolas Bubar (22) and Yves Dufeutrelle (24) are design students at the international school of design and they thought that a sports bike based on the BMW 1200 boxer would be good idea. Tell you what folks; it definitely was a good idea for the IMME 1200 would now be presented at the next Munich Motorcycle Show at BMW stands.