Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BIg CC Racing Super Bike

If you aren’t entirely satisfied with your Kawasaki ZZR1400’s 190 horsepower and 300km/h top speed, we can understand. After all, who wouldn’t want a turbocharged, 500bhp ZZR that can outrun a fighter jet? Such a machine would, of course, be the only sensible bike to have.
And that’s where Big CC Racing come in. If you want your ZZR1400 (or any other big Japanese superbike…) fitted with a nitrous-oxide kit and a turbocharger, simply take it to Big CC, hand over the money, and they’ll do the rest. Speaking to Superbike magazine, Sean Miller, who’s been with Big CC Racing for the last 10 years, says, ‘I’m a firm believer of using big turbos. Of course, they give bigger power, but it’s also more controllable. You’re getting more grunt from less boost. Smaller turbos give a smaller powerband and make the bike difficult to manage. With the turbo we use on the ZZR, power is pretty linear and there are no big surprises.’

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