Thursday, October 8, 2009

Honorable Mention – Vespa GTS 300

Also from the Piaggio Group is the recent Vespa GTS 300. It includes the curvaceous Italian styling that has made Vespa a legend in the scooter world, plus it's the biggest, fastest, Vespa ever made. New riders would be well advised to go easy on the light-action throttle for the first few rides, as the GTS can whisk you away with a surprising pace in near silence and considerable grace. In Fonzie's upcoming review, he calls it “the invisible hooligan.”

If standing out in a crowd is you’re cup o’ tea, you’re sure to be seen riding aboard the Can-Am Spyder Roadster! Although it can't lean like a motorcycle (or a Piaggio MP3), it’s got some open wheels and puts you in the wind all the same. Basically, it’s a “flipped around” three-wheeler, putting the two-wheeled part of the trike in the front. Packed full of technology as well as eye-catching appeal, the Spyder now comes in three colors and two transmission choices: standard foot-controlled shifting (SM5) or a version that is capable of being shifted by hand (SE5, a sequential electronic 5-speed). BRP has built in a lot of fun as well as safety. The coolest part of this machine is the licensing. When last we checked, if you live in California or Delaware, you don’t even need a motorcycle license to operate one on the open road. Aging and/or handicapped riders who still feel the need for speed and excitement they once received by ripping down the road on two wheels can again feel that old thrill on the Spyder, and it's also proving to be attractive to new and female riders.

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